My Movie Cabinet

I took Gallup’s Strengths Finder test some years ago and discovered my top signature theme was “Input”. A description of that theme reads:

You collect things. You might collect information. You might collect tangible objects. Whatever you collect, you collect it because it interests you. It keeps your mind fresh.

Gallup Organization

Movies interest me, and so I have amassed a substantial collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K discs over the years. Like Pavlov’s dogs, I am conditioned to visit Best Buy or Target every Tuesday in search of the newest Blu-ray release or sale-priced edition. Call me a troglodyte for preferring to own my movies in this age of Netflix, but wifi access is not guaranteed, and many of my favorites are unavailable online. Plus, I like the freedom of watching what I want when I want.

Many of my friends watch a film only once. “There are just too many films to watch” they claim, “Why would I watch the same movie again?” Well, I can remember asking my mother to read me the same stories over and over again as a child. I have reread The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings many times. I have lost count on how many times I’ve read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Great stories cry out to be read again!

The same can be said of movies, only more so. I cannot recall the number of times I have disliked a film the first time I saw it—only to enjoy it immensely the second time through. Iron Man, Godzilla, Vertigo, The African Queen, and The Guns of Navarone are films that have made their way into my collection after a dismal first reception.

When I peruse my collection of movies, I am reminded of a scene from Dracula, Bram Stoker’s celebrated novel. Upon discovering Jonathan Harker reading books inside the castle library, Dracula places his hands on some of the books and makes an odd confession. “These friends have been good friends to me some years past.” Strangely, I have the same feelings with the many films in my collection—movies that I have enjoyed going back to my early childhood. There are many good films to watch, and I hope my collection of great films can serve as a guide for your decision-making process. After all, it is hard to imagine anyone not liking “my friends!”

So, as you peruse my movie cabinet, I hope you find treasures to add to your collection!